The Power of Your Habits!

We all have habits we wish we could change. The first step to changing a habit is to acknowledge that you are stuck in a repeat pattern.

habits, good vs. bad

Habits aren’t necessarily good or bad. There are however, habits that don’t serve you or those around you and those are the ones you want to replace.

It takes time to develop a habit. It will take time to replace it with a new one. You don’t simply stop doing something, you replace it with a new behavior. It isn’t a measure of willpower. This is why resolutions don’t work.

Picture this, December 31, you tell yourself, “this year I will eat less sugar.” The thought that you have been eating a sugar rich diet for most of your life never crosses your mind. You’re intention is good.

There is no magic in “December 31.” Now that you set the intention to eat less sugar, all you can think about is eating sugar. Try this, for the next 5 minutes you can think of anything but a white elephant. 🙂 You can’t stop picturing that white elephant. It is the same with your habits.

You need to create a new sequence of events that, as a side effect, brings you what you want.

The best place to start is to go from mindlessly doing what you do to doing things mindfully.

Start by looking back at your day and writing down each time you found yourself doing whatever it is you are trying to change. What were you feeling? What is the sequence of events happening at that time? Can you uncover the causes of what you are doing?

You need to see where you can begin to make changes before you can create a plan to do the work to build something new. Find ways to disrupt the environment that make your old habit nearly impossible to exist.

Here is a simple example: If you are trying to reduce your consumption of sugary snacks, you can start this change in the grocery store. On your next trip to the store, replace those snacks with fruits. You can start with one at a time if this seems overwhelming.

Changing habits may not be pleasant. You may question why you are doing this. In those moments you need to think back on why you started on this journey. Do you want to go back to where you were?

Engaging with other, like-minded people is extremely helpful. You need a support system. Family, friends, coworkers, may or may not be a good support system. How do you know if someone is a good fit for helping you achieve your goals?

It is easy, will they be brutally honest when you need it? Will they hug you when you need it? Will they consistently push you to better yourself?

Are you looking for someone with the expertise to push you, cheer you on, and be honest with you and the ability to know what you need and when? Schedule your complimentary initial consultation today.


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